Tuesday, November 29, 2016

How Electric Assist Lifts Can Save Nursing Homes or Assisted Living Facilities

Many people who get involved with the ownership of a nursing home or an assisted living facility do it for a few main reasons. Number one, it is a great way to get involved with a business that involves caring for the elderly or for those too sick to care for themselves. This is typically the main reason. Number two, anything involving health care is here to stay, so it makes sense to get involved with a health care business. The reasons revolved partly amongts the two I just mentioned, but there are certainly other factors involved.

However, making it in this line of business is easier said than done. The hours are long, the work is hard and less than glamorous. To make things more challenging there is the challenge of  keeping the cost of some of the typical and necessary overhead low. While many savvy business owners have managed to find low cost sites to house their residents, the issue of liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance still poses a challenge to many in the industry, in particular to the smaller, mom and pop type operations.

Yet there is a way for small nursing homes and assisted facilities to take advantage of the same strategies the larger facilities take. One such way is getting an Electric Assist Lift.

An Electric Assist Lift Can Save Nursing Homes or AssistedLiving Facilities on liability insurance premiums, and on worker’s compensation premiums.

One of the most common liabilities in the industry take place during patient transfers. Normally, smaller facilities a short on staff. For that reason, many employees must handle transfers by themselves. This poses a high risk of falls for the patients, and it increases the possibility of injury for the workers.

The more claims you have on your insurance, the higher the premiums that you will pay. However, by getting an Electric Assist Lift, you can decrease both liabilities while at the same time you have the possibility of getting a discount on your insurance premium as well.

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